Every day I make a small step and learn at least 5 new words. I get private lessons since last Monday and I really hope end of this year I could read, write and speak with no grammar mistakes. Everyone could choose a book, grammar, audio in reference to his needs. I often repeat after my audio lesson “nice to meet you … nice to meet you … what a pity … what a pity…” and so on…
I searched the web for free lessons and exercises and I met funny sentences that make funny sense ;) By typing “crazy english” in google you receive thousands of funny examples…

Watch your head! I keep seeing this sign on low doorways, but I haven’t figured out how to follow the instructions. Trying to watch your head is like trying to bite your teeth.

They do things behind my back! You want they should do things in front of your back?

A one-night stand! So who’s standing?

A hot cup of coffee! Who cares if the cup is hot? Surely we mean a cup of hot coffee.

A hot-water heater! Why heat hot water?

A non-stop flight! Never get on one of those. You’ll never get down.

I got caught in one of the biggest traffic bottlenecks of the year! The bigger the bottleneck, the more freely the contents of the bottle flows through it. To be true to the metaphor, we should say “I got caught in one of the smallest bottlenecks of the year”.

And now I'm asking you:
How do you translate "I’ll come by in the morning and knock you up"?

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miss allwissend said...

i watch at least 20 english-speaking videos on youtube everyday and i noticed between my 'old' english and my 'new' english is a HUGE difference. i love the make up videos or videos about fashion .. or just vlogs! my english skills are so much better since im doing this! try it! and i also speak to many english speaking people (who are native speaker) on twitter,myspace and stuff.. and it helps A LOT ! your english will be better and better without noticing.... wish you best of luck!!!! <3

addicted to life said...

thank you for your advice :)
i'm sometimes very activ in social networks just to learn quickly and easy. but i'm also working and after work i meet friends and that's why i do not have enough time to spend in internet.
i should find you in twitter :)

miss allwissend said...

my twitter is twitter.com/missallwissend


pink is my favourite as well :-D

Anonymous said...


addicted to life said...

thank you Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

u r welcome