One of my favourite catwalk bodies is Naomi Campbell!
I'm (th)inspired by the way she moves and looks - like an animal. She's ready immediatelly to jump and react... Well-deserved is her nickname: Black panther


Why is it soooo hard to lose some weight?

In the last few days I ate more fruits and drank protein shakes. Those shakes were hand made :) The webs free Food Tracker

I mix up

500 ml milk
3-4 spoons yoghurt
100 gr curd
1 spoon honey
1 grapefruit
1 banana or 5 strawberrys

This beverage is about 1 litre and I'm drinking it during the day when I feel hungry. It gives you immediately energy, satiate the hunger and it's full of vitamins and calcium.

What are your secret recipes? I'm curious :)

Say today: "I love you" to your family & friends, to your boy/girlfriend, to everyone!

Bulgarian --> Обичам те /Obicham te/
Catalan --> T'estimo
English --> I love you
Esperanto --> Mi amas vin
French --> Je t'aime, Je t'adore
German --> Ich liebe dich
Greek --> S'agapau
Italian --> Ti amo
Japanese --> Aishiteru
Lithuanian --> Tave myliu
Norwegian --> Jeg elsker Deg
Portuguese --> Eu te amo
Romanian --> Te ubesk
Russian --> Я люблю тебя /Ya liubliu tebia/
Serbian --> Volim te
Slovenian --> Ljubim te
Spanish --> Te quiero, Te amo
Turkish --> Seni Seviyorum


Are you inspired by this butt? That would be the present for your efforts, remember it!


How to create this wonderful butt?
Working out? Dieting?
I wonder if it's possible for all women or only for those who have strong will.

To reach beautiful shapes and keep them we have to get used to the idea of permanent controlling what we're eating, regularly working out and reducing bad foods and temptetions...
It's difficult, isn't it - but it's not impossible. It's difficult for everyone but not everyone succeed, right !?!