Why is it soooo hard to lose some weight?

In the last few days I ate more fruits and drank protein shakes. Those shakes were hand made :)

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I mix up

500 ml milk
3-4 spoons yoghurt
100 gr curd
1 spoon honey
1 grapefruit
1 banana or 5 strawberrys

This beverage is about 1 litre and I'm drinking it during the day when I feel hungry. It gives you immediately energy, satiate the hunger and it's full of vitamins and calcium.

What are your secret recipes? I'm curious :)

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Ficticia said...

Hi honey!
You understood my post perfectly! Thanks for your comment and your advice, knowing someone in the same situation helps me.
I'll take your recipe ;)

Chick said...

Thank you for the tip I'll check the diet out!!
I recently starting soy milk drinks
easy recipe
1/4L soy milk
1 Banana

but I'm sure other fruits can be used but I haven't tried but I have some strawberries I might put in.