Let’s face it girls!
We are tired to look thin ladies on ads all around us! All the same positions, all the same beauty, all the same products, all the same spots… Yes, we ladies – we are very beautiful and gentle, female models provoke the mass to buy female products but...
I’m tired of advertising! I do not want to buy something just because a smiling woman tells it’s good for my skin, the fragrance is fascinating and so on.
Modern ladies are independent and powerful. We earn enough money, we are free to make decisions, don’t need permissions, we have own prerogatives, we live in one new age where we are the pioneers!
Let’s dream for a second these hot men want to sell us products! Would you buy a shower gel, fragrance, bikini, swimsuits etc.?

#1 Do you need a wet lady telling you how good is the new shower gel... Noooo This guy tells more /my favorite indeed/

#2 You need a sun care lotion? This wet man is available 24/7 to smear it over your back!

#3 No doubt! This guy would sell me all the cleanup mops & brushes, cleanup materials, cleanup liquids with and without foam...

#4 Looking for new bed sheets? Can you tell NO to this sweet perfect little shy boy?

#5 Just scream DENIM and this one is already running behind you to sell jeans ;)

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LazyKing said...

where is my picture??