The ideal Me


As homework the last two times in my English class I had to write essays on the subjects “Why should I buy a Mercedes” and “I’m a participant in VIP Dance”. Truly I didn’t have any desire to write on those subjects and I postponed it. Accidentally I found a list with 1000 writing ideas in the world wide web. I picked up the writing idea under number 298 – The ideal Me. I really hope my teacher won’t be angry about this change of the topic.

As most people I have an understanding and an illusion about my real and my ideal Me. The real Me is what I am and the ideal Me is what I wish to be. These both pictures don’t vary too much between. The “ideal Me” is just a perfect version of the “real Me”.

The “ideal Me” would have more time for family and friends. I want to spend more time with my family. Now I visit my family 5-6 times during the year because we live in different cities. As a better friend I should listen carefully and give valuable advices to my friends. It is impossible to be a better friend just by trying. A friendship connection just happens and you feel it this way, it’s not just a trial or hard work. But in cases we already have beautiful friendships, we have to try and keep them alive and colored.

The “Ideal Me” will find more time for me – I wish I had enough time to spend it at the gym and work out. I want to be fit and healthy. I want to watch out and choose correctly what, how and when to eat.

My “Ideal Me” should clean up often. In my dreams I would live in a dustfree home. At this point in my life I clean my house about 1-2 times every week. I always clean with that unpleasant feeling as I’m doing painful tasks. Cleaning, washing and ironing are tasks I vastly hate but unfortunatelly I could’t leave them to someone else. So, that’s why my ideal Me would have fun while cleaning, washing and ironing.

As a person I have positive and negative qualities. Of course I concentrate more on what I don’t have instead of enhancing what I possess. My ideal picture of Me should be more assertive and successful, less shy and humble. I wish I could be stronger to withstand to seductions, some temptations and challenges in everyday life. I wanna be more sociable and patient.

My real Me has sometimes good days, has sometimes bad days. I am smiling or sad, nervous or relaxed. In my ideal concept I would have more fun and would laugh more often. The ideal Me would be more happy.
But if I am happy every day in my life, how could I define what happiness is?

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