I like lazy Sundays


Sunday morning always brings me warmth and fragrance of peace. This is a small part of the week, which is reserved only for me. Sunday morning belongs to ME! I always wake up on Sunday with a good mood, I am not pressed for time or tasks, I’m not in a hurry, I have the entire Sunday just for me.

I like eating something special, delicious, without counting the calories. Today I choose the croissant. I bought it on Tuesday and I hardly stand to keep it till Sunday. I wished that I have enough time to enjoy the taste, the smell, to eat it slowly and dream every second until the croissant melts in my mouth.

I like lazy Sundays!
Who else?

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5 коментара:

mika said...

hiii,thanks for visiting me , u blog and photos are so nice :)

hafizzuan said...

i love sunday morning too..!!!

Anonymous said...

O, baby!
I like lazy Sundays to!!!
But don’t you think that it is just because they are once a week? Hmmmm…..
I think that we forget to enjoy the short moments of happiness during the week, the nice gestures of people, the warmth of the family and friends, the tasty lunch, the laughter of a colleague and even the fruits of our labor… And this is only because of our exhaustion! I realized nearly that the hardest moment in my day is getting up for work!!!
We must fight! Don’t you think so?
P.S.: And honey, next time don’t wait too long with the croissant – someone can steal it from you! Especially if it looks so delicious!

addicted to life said...

i won't wait so long next time :) i'll share the croissant with you :)
and the coffee...
and the kiss...

Lee Spangler said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my site about a peaceful Sunday morning. I am sure we you would love my community and I would enjoy so much sharing a cup of coffee and a buttery croissant with you in Romania. all the best, Lee