Dear visitors,
I would like to share with you the beauty of our earth! Today I start the series “Where is…”
I will post important and interesting facts about one nation + music or video. I choose for my first “Where is…” Romania. You’d like this sound! Just listen and watch this video and you will fall in love with this beautiful country Romania. This music sounds actually very typical “Balkan”. If you ever have explored East Europe, so you know how different and interesting cultures are there.

Few facts:
With a surface area of 238,391 square kilometres (92,043 sq mi), Romania is the largest country in southeastern Europe and the twelfth-largest in Europe. A large part of Romania's border with Serbia and Bulgaria is formed by the Danube.
According to the 2002 census, Romania has a population of 21.698,181 and, similarly to other countries in the region, is expected to gently decline in the coming years as a result of sub-replacement fertility rates. Romanians make up 89.5% of the population. The largest ethnic minorities are Hungarians, who make up 6.6% of the population and Roma, or Gypsies, who make up 2.46% of the population.
Bucharest is the capital and the largest city in Romania.
Bran Castle was built in 1212, and became commonly known as Dracula's Castle after the myths that it was the home of Vlad III Dracula.

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4 коментара:

Anonymous said...

Hi, my dear!
I thing, that the video about Romania is very charming and a little bit flirty! I can describe the feeling after watching it with one word: ATTRACTION. I see why you have focused the attention on it. Such a video must be a result of a strong love! A strong love to the motherland, which gives you joy, pride and a feeling of freedom and connection at once!
I thing that in the time of the world’s globalization is very difficult for our generation to preserve the native traditions and culture and in the same time to be a modern man…
It our choice!
Applause to the authors of this video: they created a romantic and very special view of Romania and presented it as a harmonic part of the planet!
But is it really such a haven on earth? I don’t have any impressions… I think “no”… They have a hard period now… Actually: The most important here is not letting your home country down but celebrating its spirit every day! Because we are the country and we are the ones who can make our homes paradise.

Liliana said...
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Liliana said...

What a wonderful video! I was in Romania way back in 1991. All I can say is that it was one of the most enriching experiences in my life!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Of course you may use my recipes. Please just include a link back to my blog when you do.


Petre Iancu said...

hello! i want to say you're doing something not many Romanians are doing.

I'm from Romania. The video clip is great.

A minor correction: geographically, Romania is in the south - eastern part of central Europe. The distances to the continent extremities are approximately equal.

As a nation, maybe we're going through a rough period of time (who isn't now), but that doesn't mean there's not much to see here.

Maybe all cities look alike, but the villages are great, each unique in it's own way, lots of them hiding something that you can't see anywhere else in the world.

Other than that, we are in the meeting point of 3 different cultures: eastern, western and balkan, each leaving it's footprint on our land. I don't know how many countries have that.

I don't want to advertise my country in this comment, just wanted to say what i had in mind when i read this post.