Should we fear?

All the media explain to all of us that when you reach the age 30 something will happen. What?
What should we expect? Where is the monster? What should we fear of?
I couldn’t find an answer in the world wide web, there is no answer in yahoo answers… So end of this year I will be 30 years old and I want to know what to expect.

Some people say my skin won’t be fresh…
Other say I will become fat
Some say “you have to marry, to have children…” Should I really?

I lose my fresh skin but I win an expensive memory with every wrinkle on my skin. A perfect moment when I laughed… when I was happy and satisfied.
I lose my slender figure but I win expensive moments enjoying delicious cakes, chocolates, foods, wines and tastes…

I postpone this important responsibility the marriage and stay single till I can. Single is modern nowadays, many people are single. Many people like being independent, alone, free, have the time for themselves … is this wrong? Or we just can’t find the person who suits us best?
Do we need someone special if we already have a special life? I sometimes ask myself: being single has more advantages or disadvantages? It's quit difficult for me to pay attention to the other, I'm sometimes so busy or nervous that I could not give and show my best love. We have a stressed life, no enough time for ourselves, always in a hurry. I have no fear of ageing... I have a fear of being alone. But somehow I like being alone because I'm independent. It is a devilish circle...

Should I scream and pull my hair because of few wrinkles on my skin... or should I scream because I'm single at the age of 30?

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Anonymous said...

Don't scream, don't get crazy!
Just open yourself, your senses for the other. If you want to take - you should be ready to give!

("It's quit difficult for me to pay attention to the other")

A Chinese proverb says "when the student is ready the teacher comes"

And also - believe in yourself!
("I could not give and show my best love").
I'm sure you can- if you decide that you want, if you are not afraid to try...

addicted to life said...

thank you anonymous!
what does it mean? do i need a change or do i have to change myself?

Anonymous said...


kathleen said...

No, no, no... Don't fear! I'm 31 and I've never, ever been happier. :) Great post!

kathleen said...

One more thought... I was single when I turned 30 and a couple months after my birthday, I met my boyfriend. I've never been this in love. We're moving in together next week... They say it, but it's true. Age is a number.