What do young ladies want from life?
On the edge of 30 I ask myself what I want from life. 10 years ago I had daring dreams and wanted to be happy, to have enough money, to have many friends, to travel abroad, visit different places and meet various cultures.
Now I realize that dreams come true if you work hard every day and value in every day-life people’s attitude. Happiness is not a condition, it’s an aspiration. Money is never enough and there is no amount that can makes you happy because you want more and more… The question is: to have many friends or to have valuable contacts? A friendship is measured by its depth and exhaustion, not by its frequency. To travel a person needs time and money.
If we set aside the philosophy of our desires, let’s list the simple things we ladies want from life:

I want a staggering look!
So the question is what to do?!? And we do: diets, we use cosmetics, lipsticks, eye shadows, anti cellulite body gel with caffeine and extracts from cola, ivy and wild chestnut?!?!?! Smear our skin with body lotion to get more moisturizer tan … we support and develop an industry which offers us false and photo-shopped faces and bodies from all the magazines. Is this the real life?

I want a successful career!
So the question is what to do?!? And we do: study, learn foreign languages, find a prestige work, make a progress in the job, be creative, have fresh ideas, have the power to build an excellent reputation … and what we pass while working more than 10 hours a day?
We pass the simple things in life, the small happiness, meetings with friends, laughing about nothing, making sex, short walks, enjoying the sun and the warm wind … we pass our youth!

I want a family and children!
Well it’s time. The clock of our life shows 30 years old and tick-tacks faster and faster… Many ladies wake up in the morning and scream “I don’t want to be single anymore … Today I will meet my prince”. All these ladies want reliable relationship with a perfect partner. They want a perspective for marriage and children.
So I’m sure the perfect guy won’t skip me! Meanwhile I’m taking the most from life. I’m active, I entertain myself every day, I search for new challenges and collect fresh emotions!

I personally want more time! How to gain it?

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Anonymous said...

Midlife crisis is a term coined in 1965 by Elliott Jaques and used in Western societies to describe a period of dramatic self-doubt that is felt by some individuals in the "middle years" of life, as a result of sensing the passing of youth and the imminence of old age. Sometimes, transitions experienced in these years, such as aging in general, menopause, the death of parents, or children leaving home, can trigger such a crisis. The result may be a desire to make significant changes in core aspects of day to day life or situation, such as in career, marriage, or romantic relationships.

A midlife crisis could be caused by aging itself, or aging in combination with changes, problems, or regrets over:

- work or career
- spousal relationships
- maturation of children
- aging or death of parents
- physical changes associated with aging.
Individuals experiencing a mid-life crisis have some of these feelings:

- search of an undefined dream or goal
- a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished
- desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness
- need to spend more time alone or with certain peers
They exhibit some of these behaviors:

- abuse of alcohol
- conspicuous consumption—acquisition of unusual or expensive items such as clothing, sports cars, jewelry, gadgets, tattoos, piercings, motorbikes, etc.
- depression
- paying special attention to physical appearance
- entering relationships with younger people

mika said...

hiii,yes we all need more time,we just have the present,and maybe put Plans for the future ,if it could come or not,sometimes i stop and ask myself your question :i need more time ? i think we can make ourselves so busy ,or free from all at anytime we can end all and start again as long as we alive :D

addicted to life said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you for your comprehensive answer!
If we need change what should we do?
My ex-boss told to me few years ago: Life is routine.
... "search of an undefined dream or goal "... I think this applies to teenagers. In my opinion with ageing this state of discontent will increase. hm?

@mika: hi, glad to see u again :) i'm not surprised that i share a common problem with other people. i also think nowadays there are much more ways for development and people want to try everything.

Anonymous said...


hafizzuan said...

well i would say that to plan the journey of life is good but to overstressing it,thats aint healthy..we should believe that things happen for a reason..we should be grateful and thankful for whatever happened.. :)

Hege said...

I agree with you hafizzuan- we should be much more grateful. Because often do we have much more than we realize.

But, to have goals and dreams, is good for us. We just need to find a way to balance all this. Then we also get enough time! :)