If you live in a big city or in a capital you probably have this miserable feeling that your life stucks in traffic jam!
Golden rules to escape traffic jam:
1. Wake up early in the morning and leave the house so early that you are the first person on the streets
2. Work till late in the office /or drink till late in the bars ;)/ so when you step on the street you are the last person there

Should I sleep in the office to escape the traffic jam? Should I drink the whiskey the entire night and then move on with my morning coffee? How much time do we have for ourselve, for our family, friends and lover?

To live in a small town could be boring – lack of new people, lack of bars, streets are empty. But to live in a big city could be very very stressful.
What do you prefer?

Anarchy is the norm on traffic jam – roads. For pedestrians or walkers is extremly dangerous to put a foot on a road. When you are in the left lane and notice the right lane is moving ooohh dear you give a right turn signal and move to the right lane.
Few minutes later you notice ahaa the left lane is moving, so why not jump again into the left?
Imagine there are dozens of cars moving left to the right and back! All the people are just making a big mess, they do not move right ahead – they move to the left or right.
It’s actually not only the traffica jam; it’s more about time, fresh air, birds and insects :)

If we want to win other advantages in life we just have to get used with the disadvantages of the big city!

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4 коментара:

Anonymous said...

musst du dir dann unbeingt mal kaufen die schokolade is traumhaft :'D
was für ein eis kannst du denn emmpfeheln (:?
a solution for your problem:
use a bus ;)!

hafizzuan said...

well,im absolutely agree...!!! i hate traficcs...it makes me miserabble...

mika said...

hiii, how are u, it is nice topic

i live in Cairo, and it is the biggest capital in Africa and middle east, so in the rush hours in the morning and afternoon there is no traffic ! coz all cars and bus stop all ways are crowded! the move is very slow ,so i now use the Metro it is crowded all time but faster and there is no traffic jam

and yes i dream with small town no more people no cars :D

i hope u have more fast traffic ;D


Стоян said...

"Small Town vs. The City" - what a dilemma, isn't it!:)
I tried both of them and my personal experience gives me the hint that the result of the match till now is something like 3:1.