Did I mention some of my weak points?

I enjoy food!

I enjoy eating!

I enjoy cooking!

That’s not a hobby, not a way of life, it’s the way I’m. During the holidays I gained some weight. On Christmas and New Year’s Eve I ate very delicious dishes and couldn’t stop the acceleration of that pleasant eating habit. Now I have as a after-effect some pounds on my hips and butt. Recently I searched the internet to compose a good dieting and work-out plan for the next weeks.

I discovered a new word and a whole new world in losing weight. The magic word is “thinspiration”. It’s a shortening of the words “thinplus inspiration”.

Thinspo is practised by young mostly female teenagers to inspire them to lose weight by staying hungry and refusing to eat.

The young ladies contemplate famous thin celebreties and repeat dangerous slogans such as:

If you eat… you will stay fat

If you eat… no guy will ever want you

If you eat… you will be ugly forever

If you eat… the red dress will look horribly on you

Think thin

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels

Because the mirror hurts worse than starving

Typically the thinspirations are extremly thin models or actresses. Among the common “thinspirations” are Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, Calista Flockhart, Victoria Beckham and others. Over the last two decades it became modern to look like extra thin. We saw walking bondes on the catwalks. Fashion designers compete in finding the most thin and feminine model. Drug addicted model Kate Moss became famous and rich. Many little girls desired her destiny – to be famous and to travel all over the world. Skinny was equal to beautiful and successful.

The new generations have a simple and inexpensive access to Internet, TV, magazines etc. Young ladies all over the world are fastinatedby the idea of being thin and look like famous models. They exchange pictures, opinions and advices in chat-rooms and blogs how to overcome hunger and get thin. There is a fast developing society of hungry and sick young ladies. Everyone who is on an unhealthy diet longer than 2-3 weeks could incur many unpleasant illnesses. Bulimia and anorexia are the first stations on the way of thinspiration. Most skinny girls have a low self-esteem; some of them have flabby skin, spiritless bodies, tired faces; it seems they don’t have the power and desire to laugh and enjoy life. They measure their happiness with the shape of their bodies.

My aim isn’t to describe in details this condition. I just want to share my opinion how freak and dangerous could it be for growing-up bodies and unmature minds.

As I love to listen music I often watch music channels. In every video clip I see strong, healthy and natural bodies. Dancers have wide hips, round butts and are very feminine and sexy.

I bet that in the coming decade dancers’ bodies with wide hips are going to remove the protruding bones from the top position!

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