On Monday, 25.01.2010 Winnie and I are going to start the ABC diet.

Day 1: 500 calories ::: 3 medium bananas + 385 grams apples (2-3 peaces)
Day 2: 500 calories ::: 600 grams baby carrots + 300 grams canned sweet corn
Day 3: 300 calories ::: 320 grams kiwi + 100 grams sliced smoked turkey
Day 4: 400 calories ::: 360 grams canned green peas + 150 grams eggs = 3 eggs
Day 5: 100 calories ::: ~300 grams baby carrots
Day 6: 200 calories ::: 2 medium bananas
Day 7: 300 calories ::: 300 grams sweet corn + 2 oranges

I feel it... It's going to be hard. For my calories calculations I use the following sites:
Calorie count

Wish me and Winnie best luck!

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Ficticia said...

I hope you (both) have luck with your diet!

Quest2Thin said...

Best of luck on your diet girlies! I hope you reach your goals. How long are you staying on the ABC diet?

ciao, fiona

addicted to life said...

@Ficticia ::: Thank U :-)

@Quest2Thin ::: Thanks a lot! I'm planning to kepp it about 21-30 days. I think that's enough time to eat under 1000 calories.
My sign is Libra as well :-)

Fallen-Angel said...

Heya :)
In reply to your comment I generally do just a lot of cardio work. I do yoga one a week and I want to try pilates. Is it good?

DropDead said...

Hi gorgeous, thans for past for my blog page. I speak spanish that's why you don't understand my lenguaje.
Best of luck in your diet, i am in one too.
Kiss :) And thank for waching me haha.

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